Value Xd™ is a cloud-based analytical universe, a groundbreaking harness for collective intelligence.

Cooperation and collaboration have become ever more necessary to ensure productivity and value creation and exchange. All private and public institutions are facing the necessity to reinvent their internal and external communications and the architecture through which they build and deploy their intelligence. Value Xd is the ideal analytical ecosystem for the new digital age. It reinvents our analytical value chain in terms of flow and structure, enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency in learning and performance.

Selected to take part in the Tech4Good virtual trade mission to the United States of America, by the Department of International Trade and Business West. (Link)

Ranked 7th out of 50 in the EnviroTech 50 – UK’s most innovative green technology creators for 2022 (Link)

Shortlisted for the Innovation Award at the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards 2022 (Link)

Selected as a finalist for the Sustainable Tech Award in the South West Tech Awards. (Link)

Ranked 14th out of 50 in the South West Tech Innovation rankings (Link)

Selected as one of top 33 UK Tech Startups in 2019 (Link)

Dynamic simulations during live presentations

Provides you with the unique and special ability to manipulate the content of your slides during your presentation.

Equations in actual mathematical language

Allows the creation of models in actual mathematical language eliminating the need to learn or use coder abbreviations or a programming language.

A library of readymade mathematical models

A library of ready models and dashboards for download and immediate application. A Wikipedia of models covering emissions factors, financial ratios, statistics, and all mathematical equations.

Create dynamic multi-visual dashboards

Build unique dashboards, whether based on your own or others’ models, by grouping your panels into different groups, that provide a specific analytical perspective on your data.

Simulation and projection of multiple models simultaneously

Create, link, and simulate and project multiple models simultaneously through our unique controller tool.

It’s an ecosystem! Sharing of data, models, and outputs

It is an entire ecosystem in the cloud that allows the live sharing of dynamic models, data, and outputs between users, groups, and the general public.

A Spreadsheet Tool to manage your data

A tool to import, upload, and import data, apply your dashboards, and structure and share your data.

Import data from Bloomberg and the IMF and more

Import global macroeconomic data directly from the International Monetary Fund and global micro data from Bloomberg Data License