Sustainability reporting is now a central function of business, finance, and industry. Since the publication and adoption of the IFRS S1 and S2 and ESRS  standards, and the SEC Climate Reporting Rules, the investment world is faced with the growing necessity to understand, measure, and report its climate and sustainability impact.

Using an ESG framework, the tools with which businesses and investors design and optimise their impact are a market hotspot. With the rise to prominence and continuous growth of AI, the technological aspects of impact are also becoming more important.

Ethical AI, ESG Investing, and Sustainable Finance are becoming the new verticals that will define markets and investments for the forseeable future.

Value Xd Impact is a private analytical ecosystem dedicated to impact design, measurement and investment.

This unique platform provides public and private organisations unique tools that offer the ability to design their impact responsibly.

Value Xd Impact allows investors to translate their ESG and sustainability values into readily applicable analytical tools – into collective organisational intelligence.

It offers a host of features that cover data collection and creation, modelling and simulation, sharing and presentations, all in an integrated ecosystem.

Our Add-On Library offers an entire database of readily downloadable and applicable emission factor dashboards for all scope 1 ,2, and 3 activities, using UK Government emissions factors.