Value Xd Impact™

Fund Edition: An Analytical Ecosystem for Impact Investing

It is simply not enough to measure our impact and correct our errors ex post. It is critical that we provide investors the tools with which they can design and optimise their impact ex ante.

Since the Paris Climate Agreement in 2016 and the conception of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, investors are being tasked with aligning their investments with these new and targets and objectives. As such, they need flexible and efficient platforms to achieve this.

Value Xd’s first product is a private analytical ecosystem dedicated to Impact Investing. This unique platform provides the responsible investor with unique tools that create the ability to design one’s impact responsibly.

Value Xd Impact is a groundbreaking platform that reinterprets the analytical value chain and allows investors to transfer their ESG and sustainability values to analytical tools in order to maximise their impact and help them deliver on their responsibilities.

Indeed, Value Xd Impact offers the user a diverse set of pre-designed and coded tools, like Add-Ons, which will be applicable models or collection of models tailored to a specific purpose.
Furthermore, it offers conventional and commonly used tools along with other new and more holistic tools.

"Sustainable investing has gone from a niche investment idea to attracting enough capital to start having an impact on global challenges at a meaningful scale. Globally, more than $22.8 trillion are invested sustainably, representing more than $1 in every $4 under professional management. The intensity of recent growth has been driven by a fundamental shift in how investors and asset owners view environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors."

Morgan Stanley, Sustainable Signals: Asset Owners Embrace Sustainability, 2018

The Digitisation of Responsibility: Space Value Optimisation

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Space Value
Optimisation Tool

To attain our Global Goals by 2030 we must reel in the vast pool of capital currently deployed outside the guidelines of sustainable investing. To achieve this, we need to transform our mainstream risk and time based financial models. Armen Papazian proposes a new principle of value, Space Value of Money, and new metrics of value that seamlessly extend our existing equations, integrate impact and return, and provide us with a space value optimisation tool aligned with our Global Goals.

Finalist, Finance for the Future

The Digitisation of Responsibility: Space Value Optimisation

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