Armen is a Board Director and our CEO, and a core member of the founding team. He is a financial economist and a visionary entrepreneur driving this project forward from its inception to date. His relentless drive and unwavering determination to see our product brought to light have been critical for our journey. He also acts as our Chief Innovation Officer, imagining solutions where there seems to be none. His professional background cuts across industry and academia, including banking and stock markets. Armen manages our team with great passion and care. Linkedin

Akram is a Board Director and our COO, and a core member of the founding team. He is one of the first angel investors in this project. It is through his vision and committment that Value Xd managed to build and expand its platform ecosystem. Akram is also Chairman of Swiss Legal Finance, and he is an active investor and trustee. He is a dedicated supporter of this unique venture. Linekdin

Alex is our CTO, and a core member of the founding team. He is a brilliant coder and manager, with the unique ability to translate any vision into code. His talents and organisational skills have been crucial to our progress over the last few years. He has an impressive track record, with a number of startups created and exited, a few awards, and a number of innovative projects ongoing. He is an innovator with a wide coding experience in a variety of fields and applications. Alex manages our team with immense tact and patience. Linkedin