Value Xd Science™

Academic Edition: An Analytical Ecosystem for Open Science

Value Xd’s second release will be the academic edition which is designed as a private analytical ecosystem dedicated to Open Science.

The academic edition is inspired by related and equally serious challenges. Indeed, the sheer volume of academic publications across all fields, continents and languages would make us think that we should have solved all our problems, and those of our neighbouring galaxies by now. The truth is elsewhere, and we believe much of our underperformance is caused by the inefficiencies of the currently available technology.

For centuries, till recently, the entire analytical output of humanity has been written down on paper, or printed on paper and similar mediums. With the advent of the computer and the internet, universities and institutes, libraries and think tanks, publishers and authors, have all moved their existing analytical wealth from print format to pdf format, as much as possible, and have started publishing their analytical output in print and pdf or just pdf formats. To confirm this fact, please visit the many social research science networks, as well as other websites that act as online academic communities.

While print and pdf are abundantly available, rarely do we see an Excel or SPSS file attached to an academic paper. In our current institutional culture and format, publishers and authors rely on their reputation for credibility, and readers will have to either accept or test the veracity and rigor of the analytical output themselves. The actual models and engines that generated the output are rarely shared, which raises unanswerable questions regarding veracity and authenticity.

Furthermore, readers of such analytical output, besides not having the actual engines and tests, and files, are only exposed to those output that get published by the publishers, through their editorial boards, and also peer review process. While peer and non-peer review is fundamental for science and our intellectual evolution, no output should be denied light.

Indeed, we believe that every human mind out there has the right to publish its analytical output freely to the world, and by the same token, must be ready for the review it receives from peers and non-peers.

Value Xd removes unwarranted filters standing between you and your genius, gives you the platform to publish it, and ensures that everyone can openly discuss and review it.

Value Xd ushers a new age in analytical publishing, an age of Open Science.



Q1- How many clicks does it take to move 50 charts from your current analytical platform or software to your presentation file?

A1- Value Xd allows you to move hundreds of charts into your presentation with just two clicks!

Q2- How many clicks and operations do you need to perform in your current system to project your chart or model or table 5 years into the future?

A2- Value Xd allows you to project your models and charts into the future for up to 10 years, with 2 clicks!

Q3- Can you import IMF data directly into your spreadsheet in your current system?

A3- Value Xd allows you to search and import IMF macroeconomic data straight into your spreadsheet!

Q4- What does it take for you to apply an old model to a new project? How many times have you used ‘Save As’ in order to reuse an old file model for a new project?

A4- With Value Xd, your models are generic universal entities that are fully integrated into your interface, and can be applied to any new or old project with a few clicks!

Q5- Can you create and save multiple scenarios for your models or analysis in your current system? Are they saved as separate files? Or projects?

A5- Value Xd allows you to create and save multiple scenarios for your analysis with a single click.

Q6- Can you manipulate the content of your presentation slides during your presentation in the current softwares you are using?

A6- Value Xd has its own presentation tool that will allow you to manipulate your slide content with your controller instantly, while your audience is mesmerized at the dynamic nature of the discussion you lead.