Value Xd Zaki

An Analytical Ecosystem for Islamic Finance

Value Xd Zaki is a unique edition of our platform tailored to Islamic finance. “Islamic Finance has an important role to play in supporting the recovery from Covid … and it is a global success story, with assets of $2.4 trillion in 2019” (Bank of England, 2020). Indeed, the Islamic finance industry and market have been growing and making headlines throughout the last two decades.

Responding to market demand and recognising the growth potential in the Islamic finance industry, we have just released a new edition of our platform, Value Xd Zaki*, which provides this unique and growing sector an empowering analytical ecosystem filled with the tools it needs and deserves.

Including unique valuation and performance measurement dashboards that cover the entire set of Islamic financial products and instruments, from Ijara, to Murabaha, Istisna, Musharaka, Istithmar, etc. , Value Xd Zaki is designed as an all-encompassing multi-functional analytics platform for Islamic banks, investors, scholars and analysts. It is an empowering tool that enhances learning and performance.

We have developed a host of unique tools and features that address the needs and demands of the Islamic finance market. Our platform allows and facilitates the aggregation of data, modelling and simulation, reporting and dynamic presentations of outputs, all within an ecosystem where users can share data, models, and outputs globally, across users, teams, branches, and departments.

*Zaki = Pure, Smart