Value Xd™ is a cloud-based analytical universe, a groundbreaking harness for collective intelligence.


Value Xd is a cutting edge and unique cloud-based analytics platform with groundbreaking analytical technology, modules and applications. Unlike any other software, Value Xd reinterprets and covers the entire analytical value chain within its own technology, from data creation and import to modelling and analysis, from modelling to projections, from presentations to live simulations, from teamwork to sharing with the world.

Value Xd radically transforms and fixes the key architectural and flow issues encountered in analytics software everyday, creating efficiency, transparency and effectiveness.

Data is the raw material in all analytical projects; equations and algorithms are the analytical actions that are applied to data, with the outputs then used to make decisions in business and finance. Why is it that in the most commonly used analytics software equations sit behind the raw material? This is a fundamental architectural issue that we have learned to cope with because of technological path dependency, but it is cumbersome and clunky.

Value Xd is groundbreaking because it rectifies these issues, because the equations sit above and in front of the raw material, as universal abstract tools that can be applied and shared at any time.

Our platform was built for the creation, buildup and sharing of organisational intelligence globally. Value Xd and the solutions we have developed have become more relevant than ever, and we are well positioned to lead in the digital revolution.


"Value Xd transforms our analytical value chain, reinventing architecture and flow, bringing greater efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency to the analytical process. Simply put, our platform re-imagines analytics, and enhances individual and collective intelligence creation and sharing on a planetary level."

Dr. Armen V. Papazian
Founder and CEO

“Concern for man himself and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavours… in order that the creations of our minds shall be a blessing and not a curse to mankind. Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations.”

Albert Einstein

Our first release platform is Value Xd Impact, an entire analytical ecosystem dedicated to sustainable impact investing, where investors will be able to turn their concern for mankind and its fate into analytical tools that can optimise their impact and help them deliver on their responsibilities.

"Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance."

Nikola Tesla


Value Xd Impact™

An Analytical Ecosystem for Impact Investing

Value Xd Planet™

An Analytical Ecosystem for Universal Learning

Value Xd Science™

An Analytical Ecosystem for Open Science


"Value Xd’s technological and coding architecture is the result of five years of relentless development and innovation. We have addressed numerous challenges of structure and language, finding solutions where there seem to be none, improving them continuously to ensure the best possible user experience."

Alex Grigoryan
Founder and CTO


"This is only a foretaste of what is to come, and only the shadow of what is going to be!"

Alan Turing



Chief Executive Officer

Armen is our CEO, and a core member of the founding team. He is a financial economist and a visionary entrepreneur driving this project forward from its inception to date. His relentless drive and unwavering determination to see our product brought to light have been critical for our journey. He also acts as our Chief Innovation Officer, imagining solutions where there seems to be none. His professional background cuts across industry and academia, including banking and stock markets. Armen manages our team with great passion and care.

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Chief Technology Officer

Alex is our CTO, and a core member of the founding team. He is a brilliant coder and manager, with the unique ability to translate any vision into code. His talents and organisational skills have been crucial to our progress over the last few years. He has an impressive track record, with a number of startups created and exited, a few awards, and a number of innovative projects ongoing. He is an innovator with a wide coding experience in a variety of fields and applications. Alex manages our team with immense tact and patience.

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King’s College Cambridge University is a partner, a shareholder and a home.

King’s College will also be the first to pilot our software through our dashboard competition. As a cloud based software platform we are very proud and humbled by this association and partnership, it is truly wonderful to have to meet such high standards, to share a home with the inventor of it all.

BLOOMBERG® is a partner and the first data provider that we interface with.

BLOOMBERG®’s Data License is the technology that delivers BLOOMBERG®'s data content sets for over 50 million securities and more than 15 thousand fields. As a third party processor, we are proud and humbled by this association and partnership.

Finoptek is a partner, and the parent company that incubated Value Xd from inception.

Finoptek has played a central role in our history from inception to date. As a parent company that has acted as an incubator for our product and company, Finoptek's unwavering commitment and support has been and is crucial to us. We are proud and humbled by this association and partnership.

OPENFIGI® is a partner and a critical element of our portfolio formation and data import tools.

BLOOMBERG®’s FIGI is the first and only open data standard for identification of financial instruments. It is, we believe, a global necessity and a fundamental tool for streamlined and intelligent data gathering, analysis, and management. We are proud and humbled by this association and partnership.

Simpkins Edwards is a partner, an advisor, and a key element of our company infrastructure.

Simpkins Edwards has played a central role in our history from inception to date. As our accountants and advisors, the SE team has stood by our vision and our company with great professionalism. We are proud and humbled by this association and partnership.

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